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MLA for Steinbach
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An early morning breakfast with former Vermont Governor Howard Dean to talk about health care in Canada.

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Great opening today at #MLC2018. Pleased to co-chair talks on NAFTA and trade with Ohio Representative Robert Cupp.

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Looking forward to co-chairing the MidWest U.S.-Canada Relations committee over the next two days in Winnipeg with my co-chair, Representative Bob Cupp of Ohio. Meetings will focus on NAFTA and trade. #MLC2018

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Well I guess I’m not Kim’s favourite dining partner tonight.

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Last week I had to free style rap in front of a bunch of 11 year old boys in order to get lunch at camp at Bird River. Tonight it's supper with U.S. legislators at Government House. So if her Honour Janice Filmon needs a rapper this evening prior to supper, I am well prepared.

@kevin_engstrom @MartinforMorris I was going to point out that odd contradiction. It demonstrates the challenge with the law. It’s too ambiguous legally and, ethically, commentators sway between it being too restrictive (you need to talk about polls) or not restrictive enough (Blumenort will tip the election!)

It’s always hard to imagine disconnecting from the internet, until you do for a few days. And then you realize how great it can be. An amazing five days in Bird River connecting with family.

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@grjbruce @TheCarillon No. MLAs are still able to act in their roles as local representatives. And if the Blumenort parade tips the St. Boniface election our way, I will never underestimate Blumenort again.

@stevelambertwpg @coreyshefman @PegCityLouLou So, if I announced we were going to ban wearing green on Labour Day weekend and we were installing spike lines at the MB/Sask border on Banjo Bowl weekend that would be ok, if no government resources were involved? Hypothetically speaking of course.

@stevelambertwpg @coreyshefman @PegCityLouLou I think you can still Tweet about sports. If not I’m headed to MLA jail.

I know that @sskroughriders coach Chris Jones is under a lot of pressure. Let me say that I for one fully support Coach Jones and implore him to keep up the good work! #ForTheW #GoBombersGo

The Ontario Speaker's job comes with an apartment that is actually located inside their Legislative Building. Not sure if there is something similar in any other provincial Legislature. #ONPoli thestar.com/news/queenspar…

YES!!!! twitter.com/Wpg_BlueBomber…

Happy Independence Day to our American friends. And thank you for being amazing neighbors to the greatest country in the world! (Some friendly rivalry there!) #StrongFriendsStrongAllies #IndependenceDay

@ArcAngelBen @daveshorr True. But what we lose in seating space we make up in bathroom civility.

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