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MLA for Steinbach
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@BRinYWG Yes. I was tussling with this Swan when you were still a glimmer in your mother's eye.

@am_tod With the greatest of respect.... you need more hobbies!! 😀

@WpgSmith Not a penny put aside by the NDP to pay for it. So yes, our investment on behalf of MB taxpayers (who are the real payors).

I also will not take a salary from the Liberal Party. #StandTogether twitter.com/nickmartin14/s…

Swan and I are like the longest running show on Broadway. #EnoughAlready twitter.com/lrkusch/status…

5 years as his Justice critic. 3 years as opposite House Leaders. Every Bomber game. Haven't Swan and I spent enough time together? #MBPoli twitter.com/jane_gerster/s…

@danremps I'm gonna have to defer that to Scott Fielding. That is within his Ministry.

Patient care eroded for more than a decade as wait times grew. Those concerns finally being addressed based on evidence. #Peachey

Is rally on "cuts" happening in front of the new Women's Hospital we are investing $250 million into? #DontLetTheFactsStopAGoodRally #MBPoli twitter.com/CUPEMB/status/…

$452 million increase in Health budget since NDP left office equals a cut according to union leaders. Forget #NDPMath, that's #UnionMath.

@tombrodbeck More being invested this year than last as well. Every RHA will get an increase. The difference? They are asked to live within the increase.

@tombrodbeck $452 million more being invested in health this year than the last of the NDP. Tom is right. Living within means, but not cuts.

Making the American Association Great Again! @realDonaldTrump #WinnipegGoldeyes twitter.com/shawnchurchill…

@tombrodbeck Health keeps ya humble. And where it doesn't the boy does.

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