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MLA for Steinbach
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On this issue @tombrodbeck is right. Behind the scenes work with public sector unions has been productive. #MBPoli m.winnipegsun.com/2017/10/17/wrh…

Sometimes being alone with your thoughts in the rain and mountains is good. Sometimes it's just creepy.

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Little wet out, but can't beat the scenery.

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A great return. And no penalty! twitter.com/Wpg_BlueBomber…

@BrianDonnaPenn1 Sorry Donna. This is my personal account. More sports than politics. Follow the government Health accounts instead. Have a great day.

@brian_powney Not lying. Presenting alternative facts.

50 new nurses coming to St. Boniface hospital. NDP news conference in 1 hour to take credit for Dr. Peachy's report. #MBPoli

It's a great day to be in Calgary. People are really upset with the voting process and there is no way it can be my fault! #winning #yycvote

Many Conservatives learned (and could learn) a great deal about retail politics from Jason. Thanks for your time. #CurryInAHurry twitter.com/jkenney/status…

A truck stop. A juke box playing Johnny Cash. And a great breakfast in Calgary talking politics with friend @jkenney

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Thank you so much to the team at the Stroke Unit at Calgary Foothills Hospital for the informative tour this morning. #MBPoli twitter.com/AHS_YYCZone/st…

No surprise to those who live there. #MBPoli twitter.com/SteinbachOnlin…

Chaired a forum in July on NAFTA. Michigan Senator made it clear to me the U.S. was mostly concerned with Mexico. A dilemma for our PM.

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