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A month ago I was in a White Out. Today I’m in a Black Out. #MBPoli

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As a result of the St. Boniface election being called, and the resultant blackout, I will only be tweeting irrelevant and sports related things. So essentially no change from the usual. #MBPoli

@MikeWaddellbdn That’s better than just hitting the ground.

Looking forward to seeing @ManicDrive at Summer In The City tomorrow!

Great to welcome Honeymoon Suite to Steinbach tonight. #SummerInTheCity

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@SGuillemardMLA @RachelJMMorgan @privatecitizenn Woke up this morning to another 50 or so messages of people who have been touched by us sharing our story. So encouraged!

@DavidMcLA @kristinannable @aidangeary_ @LenIsleifson Actually, my first election I won with 74%. My last one with 89%. So it took awhile, but the family has come around! #AskedAndAnswered

@kristinannable @aidangeary_ @LenIsleifson Another tip...if we are counting 7th cousins I’m related to 85% of Steinbach!

Yesterday at Midnight: Milt Stegal: Doesn’t your son have school tomorrow? Me: Yeah, but that’s not for another 9 hours yet. #ForTheW #BleedBlue

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@SGuillemardMLA @RachelJMMorgan I have to tell you Sarah. My wife was presented with an amazing card with a very personal note and a gift for prayer from Kevin Chief tonight. It was so touching. We contrasted that with comments we saw from NDP MLAs today. It's clear Today's NDP speak compassion but show none.

There is some jigging happening in Steinbach tonight!

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So great to see @kevin_chief in Steinbach this evening. Thank you for your gifts and words of encouragement to Kim. You are one of the classiest people I know.

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