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MLA for Steinbach
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#Streveler off to a great start! Although that #TSN comparison to Dunigan and Pierce was a bit early. #ForTheW

Hands up any other Dad’s who got a JFK travel coffee mug for Fathers Day last weekend?

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A Warm Manitoba Summer Day A Media Blackout NHL Draft Day Blue Bomber Game Day

@brian_powney @MyrnaBDriedger Well, my mother was born in Pansy. So I think it’s ok.

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@ShayneTaback At this point yes. But I’m working on making it a Provincial position.

@MyrnaBDriedger Nice! My dog is a pansy though. He won’t take two steps outside if it’s raining.

@canampolitico1 The Jets are no doubt good for the provincial economy. But they took a toll on my personal economy last year!

A month ago I was in a White Out. Today I’m in a Black Out. #MBPoli

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As a result of the St. Boniface election being called, and the resultant blackout, I will only be tweeting irrelevant and sports related things. So essentially no change from the usual. #MBPoli

@MikeWaddellbdn That’s better than just hitting the ground.

Looking forward to seeing @ManicDrive at Summer In The City tomorrow!

Great to welcome Honeymoon Suite to Steinbach tonight. #SummerInTheCity

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