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MLA for Steinbach
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For everyone who makes fun of me for being a Phil Collins fan, I'm pretty sure that Ed Sheeran is just this generations Phil Collins.

New addition to resume: "Lasted longer as Health Minister than Sean Spicer did as White House Press Secretary."

@ndpcaucus I also failed to mention the NDP spread the untruths without fact checking. #MBPoli #HopeIsBetterThanFear

Pleased to meet today with @janephilpott to discuss substance abuse issues. A productive discussion. #mbpoli #cdnpoli

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Wishing @BobIrvingCJOB a quick recovery. Can't wait to listen to you on an upcoming @Wpg_BlueBombers broadcast!

I don't know who came up with the phrase "All publicity is good publicity." But I darn well know they were never a Health Minister.

@tombrodbeck "Politics is show business for ugly people."- Paul Begala

@SteveAshtonMB Confusion is trying to give an untendered contract without TB approval. Chaos is when 5 Ministers resign because of the coverup. #MBPoli

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