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MLA for Steinbach
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#MyDreamJob #LikelyTooOld #WouldSpendTooMuchTimeGettingAutographs twitter.com/Wpg_BlueBomber…

It has been an emotional time for Junior Hockey in Canada. I hope for the @MJHLPistons, it is nothing but joy tonight. Way to go Pistons!!!!

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You know you are at a medical dinner when the drinks are on a beaker. #MBPoli

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At the St. Boniface Research Foundation Dinner this evening but cheering in my head for the @MJHLPistons tonight. Bring ‘er home boys. #WeWill

Having not been to either, this is an honest question...is the street party more fun then actually being at the game? #NHLJets #GoJetsGo

Two years ago, election night, I spent the evening on a CBC political panel with former Health Minister @TheresaOswaldMB. In hindsight, this should have been a warning. #MBPoli

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That #SeaofBlue in Toronto will look like a puddle compared to tomorrow’s #NHLJets street party.

The second call for my resignation! Only two months after my wife demanded it. twitter.com/ndpcaucus/stat…

@AndreaSlobodian Ah...but he is still elected, and we still have 39 seats. So maybe CTV knew something we didn’t?

@AndreaSlobodian Yes, both you and Mohindeer are on different teams!

Now that @PatrikLaine29 is no longer a teenager it’s time for him to get serious and figure out what wants to do in life. Oh, right, forget it. #NHLJets #HappyBirthday

At this point I might actually welcome a one day suspension.

Just to even this thing up, looking at quick legislation that will require the @mnwild to land in Grunthal for two hours before Game 5. #NHLJets #GoJetsGo #PrepareTheLandingPasture

Not happy with the #NHLJets score but can’t help thinking it means one more street party! #GoJetsGo

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