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MLA for Steinbach
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I have built a wall. And want Mexico to pay for it.

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Why does the hanging-chad fiasco come to mind as I prepare to vote?

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2/2 The truth is in The proof is when You hear your heart start asking, "What's my motivation?" #Shine #Newsboys

1/2 Dull as dirt You can't assert The kind of light that might persuade A strict dictator to retire Fire the army Teach the poor origami

To my colleagues in the Legislature it isn't well known, but the Government House Leader offers babysitting services. #OtherDutiesAsRequired

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Attending reception for the Canadian Conference of Medical Education this evening. #MBPoli

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@upthecreekcattl She's still one of the few willing to be seen with me!

When they are worried what I might say at events, they send staff.When they are REALLY worried they send my Mom. #NotreDameDeLourdes #mbpoli

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@PC_Manitoba @DavidMcLA Why is Kevin O' Leary at our nomination?

@stevelambertwpg For those of us who rarely leave the Ledge before 10pm, we are happy for the company!

@bruiserbrown5 @danlett @WinnipegNews Aware of that yes. It certainly does keep me up at night.

@bruiserbrown5 @danlett @WinnipegNews Nothing in this stream points fingers at another admin. I've been blunt about the challenge, honest about need for action and taken it.

@bruiserbrown5 @danlett @WinnipegNews You may not agree with the action, but if you don't believe we are taking action in health you are not paying attention. #Peachey

@danlett @WinnipegNews Fair, but I think I've been blunt about the funding challenges.I don't think I'm sugar coating it but trying to reinforce the reason for it.

@MartinforMorris @Union__Jacks To his credit, Gary Doer's razzing on that in the Legislature was pretty funny.

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