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With Janie Thiessen this morning at the Association of Senior Support Coordinators conference in Fort Garry. #MBPoli

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Everyday there's pressure to spend beyond our means. Everyday I ask myself what that means for our children. We are making progress. #mbpoli twitter.com/PC_Manitoba/st…

@withfilesfrom If I'd ever run federally, Mr. Scheer and I will have to have a serious discussion about this.

I don't believe in floor crossing, but if I ever had a Leader who was a Roughriders fan it's comforting to know it's an option. #MBPoli

@BenBrisebois @MartinforMorris It was also the year that Filmon fired 1000 Legislative Interns. Or at least that's how Doer told it.

@BenBrisebois @MartinforMorris Yes, we were. It was a particularly bad crop of Interns that year (speaking for me and Shannon only).

@MartinforMorris @HonSFletcher @DavidMcLA @stevelambertwpg Not just a staffer, a key Tory advisor to the Filmon government! (Another Doer trick).

@HonSFletcher @DavidMcLA @stevelambertwpg @MartinforMorris You're right, it was Chretien!! Or Martin. Should have known. Regardless, the right announcement today.

@HonSFletcher @DavidMcLA @stevelambertwpg @MartinforMorris I think Doer put some good and some bad in that Bill and it never came to a standing vote. A trick he may have learned federally from CPC!

@DavidMcLA @HonSFletcher @stevelambertwpg @MartinforMorris Not so much that it was supported as was ignored. Hasn't been an MLA that expressed an interest in crossing the floor in many years.

@Jane_Gerster No, but I'm starting to believe my dream of playing for the Jets won't come true. So a backup plan!

I'm interested. Is it a barrier I know nothing about computers or technology? twitter.com/NHLJets/status…

"The truth is, cities this size do not have seven emergency rooms," Dr. Brian Postl- Dean of Medicine University of Manitoba. #MBPoli twitter.com/CBCManitoba/st…

When logic and experience get the better of emotion and reaction. #mbpoli twitter.com/CBCManitoba/st…

@jonreyes204 @nicjamescurry @RossRomaniuk @BRinYWG @joeydearborn This is like getting excited on election night when 5 polls have reported and 4 of them are from Winkler and Steinbach. #TooEarly

@jonreyes204 Until next time my friend. Until next time. #Skol

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