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MLA for Steinbach
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@Spoony29 Ok man. You are the Pro. Tell me how the heck this happens? Overconfident? Trap game after Green Bay epic game?

A real pleasure to be at the #ProSportsAndFaith fundraising event tonight in support of #NHLJets and #Bombers Chaplin Lorne Korol. Powerful to hear sports hero’s speak about their faith.

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Dropped of 10 backpacks with school supplies to Steinbach Community Outreach this morning. Thank you Telus for providing the backpacks and to Myra Gerbrandt and Irene Kroeker for the work you do helping people in our community. #MBPoli #Telus

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Pleasure to be in downtown Howden this evening at the AGM for Dawson Trail and the incomparable Bob Lagasse! #MBPoli

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We were all smiles in the Education Department today! #SmileCookie #TimHortons #MBPoli

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I really liked Con Law. But my professor and I had a few disagreements! 😊

Well @MyrnaBDriedger, maybe midnight sittings are the key to increasing interest at the Manitoba Legislature? twitter.com/ploriggio/stat…

All the talk about the Notwithstanding Clause and general Constitutional wrangling has me again hoping that former #MBPOLI Premier Gary Filmon writes a book. His insights into Meech Lake and these sorts of matters would be worth the read.

@ericvtstewart Ok, now you are just trying to get me in trouble! Let's talk Vikings vs Green Bay instead. Time for a new field goal kicker!

@ericvtstewart I will try to anger you more for being PC shortly!

@danohound I see what you did there. Well played.

@donmcgillis The Spider was a kit car built on a Corvette chasis I think. The Testarossa was the real deal.

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