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MLA for Steinbach
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Never mock the Skol! twitter.com/snfonnbc/statu…

I will never get over this. Such a great moment. #Skol

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Hey @nicjamescurry, if you want to wear a dog mask next week, I'm fine with that. Great team you are cheering for there. #CryEaglesCry #Skol twitter.com/TMZ/status/952…

@RossRomaniuk You are likely referring to Paul Allen on KFAN Minneapolis. I've been listening to him for more than a decade. It's how they have always been. They aren't trying to pretend to be impartial. He does the sports show every morning on KFAN as well. I love it!

@tombrodbeck For Heaven's sake it is not a doll.

Stopped by the Open House today at Eden East Health Care Services in Steinbach as they marked “Blue Monday” and discussed pathways to hope and recovery. #MBPoli

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This is as likely an explanation as any as how it happened. #PurpleRain #Prince #Skol

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Respect to @Saints fans for this. twitter.com/saints/status/…

@ScottGillingham I tell everyone I meet you are the Health Minister! The plan is working!

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