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MLA for Steinbach
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I manage my own Twitter account. So you are getting my views on the @Wpg_BlueBombers and @Vikings for no additional charge. #MBPoli #CheaperThanFree twitter.com/acoyne/status/…

@BRinYWG @TGCTS I can’t believe that you don’t make $100k Blake?!?!

Great news! Welcome back @ChrisRandle_Ad ! twitter.com/wpg_bluebomber…

Feels like a long ride home tonight. Thanks @MicahTylerMusic for the inspiration. Saying a prayer from Canada for you and your family.

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Was pleased to have a telephone town hall tonight with about 800 health care workers to hear their questions and get feedback on health transformation. #MBPoli

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In November 2017, Priority Home began. Since then 47 people have received service who otherwise would have sat in hospital instead of going home. The @ndpcaucus put ideology ahead of results and opposed this program. #MBPoli

In fall of 2017, 65 transitional beds were opened at River Ridge. These were opposed by @ndpcaucus. Since then 97 people have been admitted with 32 discharges as of January 12. This has freed up hospital beds and provided the right care. #MBPoli

From April 2017 to December 2017 inpatient length of stay is 8.6 days on average, down from 9.1 days the year prior (a 4.6% improvement). This is the equivalent of freeing up 84 inpatient beds. #MBPoli

Despite an earlier and more aggressive flu season, all adult EDs and urgent care have seen reductions in median wait times in Winnipeg. HSC has seen a 31% improvement despite the opposite being predicted by @ndpcaucus. #MBPoli

Last year at this time there were 78 patients in Winnipeg hospitals awaiting PCH placement. For January 9-16 there were 9. #MBPoli

January is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. More than 400,000 Canadians aged 65 and older have been diagnosed with dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia stigma, from negative attitudes and perceptions, is unacceptable. We all play a role in ending this stigma. #MBPoli

@PCcaucus Not just an aggressive flu but also aggressive @ndpcaucus fear mongering. Paging Andrew Swan.

@tombrodbeck @ndpcaucus True. And while the year is not over, staying in budget means sustainability. And sustainability means ensuring our children have healthcare services too. Not as elegant as Ronald Reagan, but that's what I got for you!

@tombrodbeck @ndpcaucus True, but in perspective, that is a pretty small variance on a $6.2 billion budget.

ER wait times going down. Lowest number of people awaiting PCH placement from hospital ever in Winnipeg. New transitional care beds. New enhanced homecare. And the Department of Health is on budget. Paging @ndpcaucus. #MBPoli

Despite the flu, newly released data for December shows Emergency Room waittimes in Winnipeg continue to go down, despite fear mongering by @ndpcaucus. Officials cite health reform as key reason. #HopeNotFear #MBPoli winnipegsun.com/news/local-new…

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