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MLA for Steinbach
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@marty_morantz Congratulations and all the best Marty!

@AndreaSlobodian If my Mom could keep living there, yes.

The only valid Conflict of Interest I need to declare today is that I hope the #BlueBombers stomp the #Roughriders, despite the fact Brad Wall is my 5th cousin. #MBPoli #GoBombersGo

After watching The History of the Eagles on Netflix this morning, I am ashamed to admit I had no idea how much #Eagles, #GlennFrey and #DonHenley music I've enjoyed without knowing it came from them.

@stevelambertwpg @JamesBeddome @DrJonGerrard @DFLamont Correct. Committee can’t sit past Midnight. So it can’t start past that.

And now, let’s return to April 27 of last year to recall what @DrJonGerrard said about bell ringing and wasting time. This is how I know he disagrees with the strategy of @DFLamont. #MBPoli

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Now in the Liberal Caucus, @DFLamont and @DrJonGerrard discussing who is to blame for the failed strategy of stopping Manitobans from presenting at committee tonight. #MBPoli

Somewhere in the depths of the Manitoba Legislature as @DFLamont realizes his strategy of shutting down public presenters has gone terribly. #MBPoli

It has only been 10 days since @DFLamont took his seat in the Legislature and he’s already stopped 60 people from having their voices heard. At this rate he could silence more than 6000 people a term. What a great strategy! #LamontForTheWin #LiberalsKnowBest #MBPoli

Committees can start in 15 minutes after this vote if the Liberals choose. Or they can continue to poke a stick in the public’s eye. #MBPoli twitter.com/ianfroese/stat…

Eager to show relevance and flex political muscle, @DFLamont decides to stop public presentations at committee. Let’s check in on how that’s going: #MBpoli

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