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MLA for Steinbach
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Pleased to support @GregOttenbreit in a worthy cause and a fine tribute. twitter.com/GregOttenbreit…

Wish it could have gone another round but grateful for the fun we had! #WeAreWinnipeg #WeAreManitoba #GoJetsGo #NHLJets

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The fan in me is disappointed. The Mennonite in me will always be grateful for all the free hand towels. #GoJetsGo #NHLJets

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Sorry that it’s over, but thanks @NHLJets for a great season and playoff run. Some great memories made for me and my family. We love our #NHLJets #GoJetsGo

All I can say is.....Go Bombers Go!!! #ForTheW

This would feel better if Chris Thorburn had actually stuck with the @GoldenKnights. #GoJetsGo

The way things have gone this week it’s likely #MarcAndreFleury will find a way to stop the #RoyalWedding tomorrow.

If the #NHLJets score we need to immediately call a time out! #GoJetsGo

Few people know that a player who starts to bleed after getting cross checked in the face gets a two minute penalty. Did I get that right #NHL? #GoJetsGo

Let’s be clear, a series doesn’t really begin until #Bufuglien manhandles two opponents. Game on! #GoJetsGo #NHLJets

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Hey @thevinceneil, I know you are a @GoldenKnights fan, but it’s going to be the #SameOlSituation of a strong #NHLJets start and win. And soon your team will be going #HomeSweetHome. But hey, #DontGoAwayMadJustGoAway

Fired up for Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals. #GoJetsGo #NHLJets

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