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MLA for Steinbach
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@bruiserbrown5 @danlett @WinnipegNews Aware of that yes. It certainly does keep me up at night.

@bruiserbrown5 @danlett @WinnipegNews Nothing in this stream points fingers at another admin. I've been blunt about the challenge, honest about need for action and taken it.

@bruiserbrown5 @danlett @WinnipegNews You may not agree with the action, but if you don't believe we are taking action in health you are not paying attention. #Peachey

@danlett @WinnipegNews Fair, but I think I've been blunt about the funding challenges.I don't think I'm sugar coating it but trying to reinforce the reason for it.

@MartinforMorris @Union__Jacks To his credit, Gary Doer's razzing on that in the Legislature was pretty funny.

@MartinforMorris Have you seen any puffs of white smoke from the Union Centre?

@danlett @WinnipegNews Are these two things mutually exclusive? Making the system sustainable protects front lines now and in the future.

@BRinYWG @DavidMcLA I'm not saying no. But I can't drive motorcycle. Is that a disqualifier?

This is the nicest thing the NDP have ever tweeted about me. #thoughtful #intelligent #IgnoreTheRest twitter.com/ndpcaucus/stat…

"May the day of judging President Nixon on anything less than his entire life and career come to a close." - President Bill Clinton twitter.com/NixonLibrary/s…

@prbrault @danlett Trudeau is taking care of it. Or not.

@prbrault @danlett Hmm. You may be right. Good thing we will have voter reform to settle our differences next federal election.

We are excited to see you again! #CanadaLovesTheNewsboys twitter.com/newsboys/statu…

@prbrault @danlett If only the Liberals would stop increasing the cost of postage Paul!

@prbrault You think @danlett would let me use this in a brochure: "A...thoughtful and intelligent man, this was...Goertzen's finest moment" -Dan Lett

@debbifortier @Lifestyles55 Ha. Actually yes that doesn't read well does it.

Wishing @CindyLamoureux well making her leadership announcement today. I admire her willingness to serve in such a demanding role. #mbpoli

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