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MLA for Steinbach
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-24 degrees and Provincial Volleyball Camp. #Yesssss

test Twitter Media - -24 degrees and Provincial Volleyball Camp.
#Yesssss https://t.co/Rxj4tg8Lfz

I've seen two U.S. President's speak in person before, President Obama and President Clinton. Regardless of your politics, seeing any former President or Prime Minister speak is a remarkable and learning experience. #MBPoli twitter.com/ChrisDca/statu…

The look on my wife's face everytime I say I'm going to have to "MacGyver" something up. She has little faith in my handyman skills.

Good news for many Americans. At least temporarily. #ShutDown twitter.com/thehill/status…

Well, you can’t say he lacks Moxy. #RogerStone

test Twitter Media - Well, you can’t say he lacks Moxy. 
#RogerStone https://t.co/2Asb6ECiu5

So a decade after the @Saints went head hunting on Brett Favre and the @Vikings (bounty hunting) to get to the #SuperBowl they are complaining about the refs?

When I hear my wife yell “throw the challenge flag!” I know I have married the right woman. #KCvsNE

There is a real possibility Matt Wiebe may be the critic for Education, Finance and Health in a few months. #OneManShow

This is the first and likely last time my stream will feature Dan Lett and Andrew Swan. But I do wish Andrew and his family all the best. We’ve had some tremendous debates over the years. #MBPoli winnipegfreepress.com/local/swan-to-…

@markfrison @RamsNFL @Chiefs karma for a decade ago and the missed roughing calls on Favre.

Thank you @RamsNFL, now for heavens sakes, please @Chiefs, beat the Patriots! #KCvsNE

It’s an interesting story, but I recall lying in the fetal position on the floor in emotional pain after the #Vikings lost that game. I never want to feel that way again after a sporting event. #Skol si.com/2013/08/07/sag…

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