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@strawberrysnow No, not an equal number. There were more than 130 management positions eliminated at WRHA. No nursing jobs are being cut. So very unequal.

@GrampaDve @DavidMcLA The Peachey report in its entirety has been publicly available on the Internet for months.

While there are areas of disagreement, we are all motivated to make the healthcare system better for patients and nurses. Thank you MNU 2/2

I am grateful to the Manitoba Nurses Union for professional and productive discussions as we implement Dr. Peachey's recommendations. 1/2

@RachelJMMorgan @tombrodbeck Having spent 13 years in oppostion, I would expect and demand nothing less! #FireAway

@tombrodbeck Me as well. And nobody wants to follow me these days!

@BRinYWG @EdmontonEsks Let me tell ya that happens more than a couple of times a year! 😉

It was a pleasure to meet Canada's Governor General at the games yesterday.

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@markfrison Read the entire 1981 speech as it relates to terror happening at that time. It might give context to the foolishness of your comment.

The timeless words Ronald Reagan. twitter.com/reaganbattalio…

@loewenchris Ok. Although I'm not sure that changes my question! 😉

@loewenchris Please tell me your first thought wasn't....take a picture!!!

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