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MLA for Steinbach
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@GooseOnTheMoose @kevin_chief She does a fantastic job. You have every reason to be proud!

@TGCTS @Manitoba_medic @JillMacyshonCTV @BrianPallister This boiling hot dog thing is a unexpected but welcomed distraction.

@JillMacyshonCTV @BrianPallister Boiling hot dogs?!?!? This is an unforeseen and unintended negative impact of suspending classes. Requesting a briefing note.

I know this doesn't mean much right now. But it made me smile. And be hopeful that things like this may mean something again sometime soon! #ForTheW #Hope #FlattenTheCurve twitter.com/Wpg_BlueBomber…

Disappointing but the right decision. Hopefully we can do it later in the year and it will be an awesome community celebration! #Steinbach steinbachonline.com/local/pick-up-…

That about sums it up! @jkenney 👍#ABPoli twitter.com/PnPCBC/status/…

Excellent! #KeepLearning twitter.com/ZwaagstraM/sta…

@RachelJMMorgan I don't recall you giving me praise Rachel!

@ianfroese It’s been a little odd having the whole media gallery having seen the budget before me. And not a leak from one of you. #Kudos #Professional

I’ve seen many examples of teachers who have set up online learning resources through YouTube Channels and other networking tools to ensure students keep learning during the school suspension. 👍 Great work! #MBPoli #KeepLearning

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