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@GregOttenbreit Flying to close to Ottawa again I see.

One of these teams is a Champion. One is a team @Nater1992 cheers for. #RuleTheNorth

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@Nater1992 I see the Lions are making their usual late season surge to both finish out of the playoffs and not have a good draft position.

@jonreyes204 Steelers were robbed! And I’m not just saying this because I hate the Patriots. Well, yes I am.

There just has to be a DC Talk reunion tour in the works!?!? twitter.com/officialtobyma…

I don't envision Heaven being that cold. #BryanAdams #NHL100

See. It is worth holding on to your hopes and dreams. #NewsboysUNITED twitter.com/kelvin_goertze…

@mtmdiamond I'm keeping my eyes open this Sunday!!!!

Hmmm?!?! twitter.com/wolfjon4/statu…

@kristinannable @DavidMcLA Or perhaps totally disappears after being slightly shaken.

@kristinannable @DavidMcLA Answering questions is also an art. And I am the etch-a-sketch of my generation!

Sorry to see Nunavut MLA George Hickes Jr. leave the Health portfolio. Was a pleasure meeting and working with him.

A highlight every year is visiting Springs Christian School's youth parliament. Although following the incomparable @Min_Schuler on the speaking order is always tough!!! #MBPoli

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👍👍👍👍 twitter.com/min_fielding/s…

Safe travels friend. You know Steven, during my 13 years in opposition I'd watch government MLAs make fun announcements and visit interesting places and wonder what that would be like. After 20 months as Health Minister, I'm still wondering!!! Travel safe. twitter.com/honsfletcher/s…

Got our tickets for @newsboys UNITED!!! We couldn't be more excited! @PeterFurler twitter.com/newsboys/statu…

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